A sick sort of popularity contest

It’s a sick sort of popularity contest when the nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, lab techs, X-ray techs, and hospital staff all know you by name and sometimes it’s the only time you get out is to their appointment. Cait explains further…

The Borrowers Club

One of the things I have tried to make a priority in the blog is telling things as they are. That would include the weird and not-so-charming parts being a transplanter and being human.

And….one of the most human things is wanting to be accepted and popular. Maybe it goes back to some anthro-biological survival imperative that acceptance into the cooperative survival unit blah blah blah (you can tell I’ve been reading about prehistory and anthropology lately…for fun…). But, I have to admit, I love showing off just how “in” I am at MGH.

I shouldn’t care. I should be compassionate and humble. I should be anonymous. But, I’m not. I’m human, and I’ve never really belonged anywhere in any kind of popular group. Even my mixed ethnicity means I only half fit in with Indians and Europeans.

But damn, if I don’t feel like the head cheerleader at MGH…

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